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Cold Trap Bath WB-5GDR(-40℃) -40 Celsius Degree Cold Trap Bath Pl-Supplies

  • Digital temp controller type (convenient to check the temperature status)
  • 3 Glass Trap installation
  • Upside opened Glass Trap
  • Seamless structure bath to prevent leakage of anti-freeze
  • Easy internal observation with Transparent Cover



the cold trap is a device in vacuum applications that condenses all vapors (save the infinite gases) into a liquid or solid. The major goal is to keep vapors created by an experiment from entering the vacuum pump, where they would condense and pollute it. Cold traps can also be used to chill surfaces or baffles in order to prevent oil vapors from entering a chamber from a pump.

In this situation, a baffle or length of pipe housing the number of cooled vanes will be added to the entrance of the existing pumping system.

– A digital regulator

– 3 glass traps that may be used

– Rust-free stainless coil

-An operable glass traps


Model WB-5GDR
Order Number WB-5GDR(-40)
Temp Controller Microprocessor Digital controller
Temp Control Range Ambient -60℃ ~ -20℃ (-108℉  ~ -40℉ ) (Low limit -40℃)
(Φ×H) 7.09Φx8.27”
Dimension External
(WxD×H) 18.18×22.04×27.95”
Weight 48 kg
Material Internal Stainless Steel
Material External Steel Plate With Powder Heating Coated
Trap Openable Glass Trap x3ea
Power 120V ,60Hz, 1Φ
Cat. No. WB5GDR-40120-60


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