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FU-22MH 1500℃ high temp muffle furnace (22L) Pl-Supplies

  • High-temperature furnace with SiC Rod heating with swing door
  • Great for testing metallic sample
  • Built-in programmable controller. 5 patterns and 9 segments/patterns. Total 45 segments
  • Recommended ideal running temperature is below 1350℃ *24hours continuous running
  • Heating from 2 sides and vertical SiC rod preventing warping. Easy replacement
  • Excellent outgassing thanks to the exhaust air outlet on the head of the chamber, i.e plastic polymer
  • Double housing and low surface temperature
  • Ceramic fiber materials which are not classified as carcinogenic
  • Great temp uniformity (+/-4%)
  • Prompt heat up and good maintaining
  • SCR operation and programmable control provide low noise operation and precise temp control (+/-1℃)
  • The gas atmosphere available with an optional flow meter


  • Chamber size 250x350x250mm
  • External size 920x710x970mm


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Model FU-22MH
Max temperature 1500℃
Continuous running temperature 1350℃
Chamber volume 22liters
Controller Programmable controller
Sensor R type
Heater 9.6kW
Heating element SiC
Insulation Ceramic
Power supply 220V, 50/60Hz, 1p, 42A
Net weight 147kg
Chamber size 250x350x250mm
External size 920x710x970mm


The maximum working temperature of SH Scientific’s high-temperature muffle furnace is 1500 degrees Celsius (°C), and the optimal operating temperature is 1350 degrees Celsius (°C).

And our ultra-high temperature muffle furnace can reach maximum temperatures of 1700 / 1800 degrees Celsius (°C), with suitable operating temperatures of 1550 / 1650 degrees Celsius (°C).

SH Scientific muffle furnaces are suited for a variety of applications such as ashing, calcination, reduction, oxidation, dissociation, sintering, pyrolysis, reaction, hardening and tempering, melting, thermocouple calibration, annealing, stress relief, and so on.

Our MS series high and ultra-high-temperature muffle furnaces provide for quick ramp-up heating, recovery, and cooling in a self-contained energy-efficient chamber. There are several sizes available, as well as a temperature control programmed option and three maximum temperature ranges.


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