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Heating Mantle Pl-Supplies

  • Our mantle contains nichrome wire and ceramic fiber mat
  • A high-quality heating mantle that can heat up to 450°C




Model Capacity Power/ Temp Limit 
SH-HMG-100R 100 ML  Power
HMG-250R 250 ML 230(120V) 50/60Hz
HMG-500R 500 ML
HMG-1000R 1 L
HMG-2000R 2 L Heating Element Temp
HMG-3000R 3 L up to 450℃
HMG-4000R 4 L
HMG-5000R 5 L
HMG-6000R 6 L
HMG-10000R 10 L
Model Capacity Power/ Temp Limit 
HMG-100B 100 ML  Power
HMG-250B 250 ML 230(120V) 50/60Hz
HMG-600B 600 ML
HMG-1000B 1 L
HMG-2000B 2 L Heating Element Temp
HMG-3000B 3 L up to 450℃
HMG-4000B 4 L
HMG-5000B 5 L
HMG-10000B 10 L


The heating mantle is utilized in scientific applications where samples or liquids must be swiftly heated. The flask, which can hold up to 500ml, is put in the heating mantle’s crocheted net. The heating elements with a power of 100 W are used here, and the temperature may be constantly changed up to 450 °C using the rotating switch on the heating mantle.


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