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MR-01U Pl-Supplies

  • Variable speed to accommodate numerous applications
  • Anti-corrosive and wear-resistant construction for use in humid and CO2 environments
  • Easy to add or remove rolls to fit different-sized tubes or bottles
  • The stackable mechanism allows two units to be stacked for space savings
  • The remote control box makes it easy to operate the unit while it is in an incubator
  • Temperature range 5~40°C suitable for refrigerator and Incubator




Model MR-01U MR-02U   MR-03U
Product Name Stackable Mini Roller  Standard Mini Roller  3D Mini Roller
Roller Bars MRA01x6 bars (Optional 11) MRA02x20, MRA03x20 MRA07x11bars MRA02x20, MRA03x20
Roller Speed 0.5~80rpm
Operating Mode Way forward
Roller Dimensions(DxL) Φ28mmx259mm / 1.10×10.20”
Swing of Roller Bars N/A  18mm / 0.71”
Available Tubes or Bottles ≤Φ120 Max. Ø120mm bottles; tubes
Positions 3 standard 1500ml flakes, or tubes in any position when see fit
 Max.Load 6.5kg
 Ambient  5℃~60℃
 Relative Humidity ≤95%
 Display  LED
 Timer (Control Box)  0~999min or continuous
Dimension External (W×D×H) 378x360x72mm / 378x360x72”
 Power  10W
 Power Supply  220V, 60Hz
 Weight 6.5kg
 Stacking  Optional N/A  Optional



Name Part Number Note
Roller MRA01 N/A
Name Part Number Note
3D Rocker Roller MRA07 N/A
Name Part Number Note
O Ring MRA02 1 Set 20PCS  23.5×3.6
Name Part Number Note
O Ring MRA03 1 Set 20PCS  13.2×2.7
Name Part Number Note
Bar for Stacking MRA04 1 Set 4PCS
Name Part Number Note
Control Box MRA05 1PCS


Variable speed to meet a wide range of applications

Construction that is anti-corrosive and wear-resistant for usage in humid and CO2 conditions.

Rolls may be easily added or removed to accommodate various sizes of tubes or bottles.

The stackable mechanism allows two units to be stacked to save space.

The remote-control box allows the unit to be operated while it is in an incubator.

5-40°C temperature range ideal for refrigerator and incubator


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