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MS-10H Pl-Supplies

  • Utilizing electric film provides fast heating speed & temperature uniformity
  • Heat and stir a variety of beaker or flask sizes
  • High-quality brushless DC motor provides excellent durability & quiet operation
  • The exterior is made of aluminum alloy which has high-temperature resistance, corrosion protection, and good insulation properties
  • The elegant working plate is made of the program
  • Using SCM to control motor speed which is smooth at low speed and strong at high speed
  • Built-in electronic voltage regulator circuit, using silicon controlled to regulate heating




Model MS-10H
Stirring Speed 0rpm,100~1200rpm
Temp. Range Ambient +5°C~120°C
Max. Capacity (water) 500ml
Standard Stir Bar Φ12x30mm(1 pcs) / Φ0.47×1.18”
Platform Dimensions 475x190mm
Platform Material Black glass-ceramic
Number of Stirring Positions 10
Distance between stirring positions 95mm / 3.74”
Max. Length for Stir Bar ≤50mm
Max. Power 450W
Ambient 5°C~40°C
Humidity <90%
Weight 7.1kg
Dimension External (W×D×H) 214x612x78mm
Name Part Number  Specifications
MSA01 Stir Bar Retriever  Φ7x300mm / 0.28×11.81”
MSA02  Φ8x50mm / 0.31×1.97”
 MSA03  Φ10x40mm / 0.39×1.57”
 MSA04  Φ12x30mm / 0.47×1.18”
 MSA05 Stir Bar  Φ7x20mm / 0.28×0.79”
 MSA06  Φ6x15mm / 0.24×0.59”
 MSA15  Φ12x50mm / 0.47×1.97”


The use of electric film allows for rapid heating and temperature consistency.

Various beaker or flask sizes should be heated and stirred.

A high-quality brushless DC motor ensures long-term reliability and silent operation.

The exterior is built of an aluminum alloy that is resistant to high temperatures, and corrosion and has strong insulating capabilities.

The beautiful working plate is composed of pyro Ceram.

SCM is used to regulate motor speed, which is smooth at low speeds and powerful at high speeds.

Built-in electronic voltage regulator circuit with silicon control for heating regulation


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