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RE20L Pl-Supplies



  • Water Bath Size: 445x250mm / 17.5




Operating Ambient Temperature
Glass Material
GG-17 High Borosilicate
Main Motor
DC brushless
Rotation Motor
DC brushless, 250W
Lifting Motor
DC brushless, 100W
Power (V/Hz)
220V 60Hz Single Phase
Speed Setting
Knob setting +LCD controller
Vacuum Seal
PTFE + Teflon coating
Temperature Control
PID Controller
Cooling Area (m2)
Rotation Speed
Bath Temp. Control Range
Ambient ~ 99℃
Maximum Vacuum Pressure
< 3 torrs
Evaporating Flask Capacity
20L / 5.28 gallon
Receiving Flask Capacity
10L / 2.64 gallon
Condenser Style
Main + Auxiliary Vertical Double Helix
Water Bath Heating Method for Water Bath
Built-in heating
Water Bath Material
Stainless steel corrosion-resistant coating
 Water Bath Size
445x250mm / 17.5″x9.8″
 Lift Mode
Auto lift
 Lifting Distance
210mm / 82.7″
Heating Power
 Packing Dimensions
(L) 43″ x (W) 27″ x (H) 56″
Gross Weight
170kg / 375lbs
Net Weight
130kg / 287lbs
Vacuum Connection
18mm / 0.71″ Barb
Condenser Connection
18mm / 0.71″ Barb
1. Over current protection; 2.Over temp. protection ; 3. Power interruption alarm; 4. Anti-dry protection


The rotating vacuum evaporator is an essential instrument in chemical labs for the effective and gentle removal of solvents from samples through evaporation. For a distillation solution in organic chemistry, petrochemicals, environmental… – Rotary evaporator RE05L developed by  Scientific

– A digital control device with an LCD display that displays both the rotation speed and the heating temperature for optimal management of all distillation operations.

– Stainless steel thermostatic tank, automatic lifting motor

– High-quality PTFE clamps are simple to install and remove.


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