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TR-02U Pl-Supplies

  • Small footprint, “Plug and Play” operation
  • Includes five different interchangeable rotisseries
  • Rotation direction can be changed by slightly touching the rotisseries
  • The paddle angle is adjustable for different mixing purposes
  • High-quality, maintenance-free motor with quiet operation
  • Temperature range 4~60°C suitable for refrigerator and Incubator




Model TR-02U
Product Name Variable Speed Tube Revolver with Digital Display
Rotation Speed 10~40rpm
Capacity 84×0.5ml tubes, 60×1.5ml/2.0ml tubes,
 28x5ml/7ml tubes, 24x10ml tubes, 6x50ml tubes
Ambient 4~60°C
Dimension External (W×D×H) 260x148x195mm / 10.24×5.83×7.68”
Power 10W
Power Supply 220V, 60Hz
Weight 1 kg


Name Part Number PCS/Pack
Rotisserie Paddles TRA01 2
 for 10ml/15ml Tubes
Name Part Number PCS/Pack
Rotisserie Paddles TRA02 2
 for 5ml/7ml Tubes
Name Part Number PCS/Pack
Rotisserie Paddles TRA03 2
for 1.5ml/2ml Tubes
Name Part Number PCS/Pack
Rotisserie Paddles TRA04 2
for 0.5ml/0.8ml Tubes
Name Part Number PCS/Pack
Rotisserie Paddles TRA05 1
for 50ml Tubes
Name Part Number PCS/Pack
Magnetic Platform TRA07 1
Name Part Number PCS/Pack
Metal Strip TRA08 4
for Liquid Mixing in Bag


“Plug & Play” operation with a small footprint

Includes five replaceable rotisseries.

By softly touching the rotisseries, the rotation direction may be altered.

The angle of the paddle may be adjusted for various mixing reasons.

High-quality, the maintenance-free motor that runs quietly.

The 4-60°C temperature range good for refrigerator and incubator


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