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VM-01U Pl-Supplies

  • Ergonomically designed
  • Brushless DC motor drive for long life
  • Three operation modes: touch control, timed, or continuous mode
  • Constant torque within the full range of speed
  • Counterbalance design for minimal body vibration
  • Universal Head for a wide variety of mixing applications
  • Temperature range 5~40°C suitable for refrigerator and Incubator




Model VM-01U
Operation Mode Touch Control, Timed or Continuous Run
Orbital Diameter Circular Orbit, 4.5mm Dia.
Stirring Speed 200~3000rpm
Speed Display Panel Marker
Timing Display LED
Dimension of Standard Platform Φ76mm / 2.99”
Max. Load 0.5 kg
Ambient 5~40°C
 Relative Humidity  <80%
 Dimensions(WxDxH) 205x155x108mm / 8.07×6.10×4.25”
 Power  24W
 Power Supply  220V, 60Hz
 Weight  4 kg


Name Part Number Dimensions  Description
Head for Single Tube TRA07 Φ82×16.5mm  Concave shape prevents tube from slipping out.
Name Part Number Dimensions  Description
Adaptor VMA02 Φ82x19mm  It is used for listed accessories to be adapted
3.23×0.75” so that multi-tubes can be stirred.
Name Part Number Dimensions  Description
Shim Clamps VMA03 97x85x32mm  Concave shape prevents tube from slipping out.
Name Part Number Dimensions  Description
Multi-Tube Platform VMA04 Φ87.5x30mm Used with VMA02accessory,
3.44×1.18” it can hold 7 tubes(12mm diameter).
Name Part Number Dimensions  Description
Multi-Tube Platform VMA05 Φ87.5x30mm Form block for customer
3.44×1.18” to drill holes of desired diameters.
Name Part Number Dimensions  Description
Microplate Holder VMA06 136x92x15mm  Holds microplate.
Name Part Number Dimensions  Description
Shim Clamps VMA07 160x120x40mm  Mounted on shim clamps to hold elisa plate.
Name Part Number Dimensions  Description
Combinational shims VMA08 Φ140x40mm Mounted on shim clamps; available tube in varied.


Name Part Number Dimensions  Description
PCR Shims VMA09 130x85x22mm Used on PCR, with shim clamps and elisa plate shim.


Brushless DC motor drive with ergonomic design for extended life

There are three modes of operation: touch control, timed mode, and continuous mode.

Constant torque over the whole speed range

Design with a counterbalance for reduced body vibration

Universal mixing head for a wide range of applications

5-40°C temperature range ideal for refrigerator and incubator


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