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WB-2UC Pl-Supplies

  • Durable and stylish design by using stainless steel for both interior and exterior
  • Stainless SUS304 bath manufactured by Mold Press Method(None welding) maintains cleanliness even after long-time use.
  • Maximum temperature 80℃
  • Precise digital control and digital display
  • Equipped with MCU-SWEEP Drive






Model WB-2UC
Temperature range
Working Frequency 40KHz
Ultrasonic Power 70W
Heating Power 100W
Timing time 10~600s
Cover YES
Drain Valve NO
 Washing Basket 1 EA
Inner Tank Dimension 150x135x100mm  / 5.91×5.31×3.93″
Packing Size 242x227x275mm  / 9.52×8.93×10.83″
Gross Weight 2.7kg
Cat. No. WB2UC220


Stainless SUS304 bath made by Mold Press Method (no welding) preserves cleanliness even after long-term usage, resulting in a long-lasting and elegant appearance.

• Maximum temperature of 80°C

• Precise digital control and digital display


The use of stainless steel for both the inner and outside water tanks provides excellent longevity and a beautiful look.

Even after extended usage, the SUS304 water tank built by the mold press process (no welding) retains its purity.

It is possible to raise and maintain the temperature of the water bath to 80°C.

Exact digital control and display functionality

MCU-SWEEP Drive is included.


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