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Basic Model-Forced Convection Drying Oven Pl-Supplies

    • Separated vacuum port and vent port
    • Du-aluminium Shelves(Excellent heat conductivity)
    • Internal observation is possible through View Window
    • Excellent temperature uniformity and accuracy
    • Stainless Steel Internal Chamber with shelves
    • Safety assurance with C.E conformity


    • Programmable controller (30NG, 70NG)
    • RS-485 interface (30NG, 70NG)
    • RS-232C interface (30NG, 70NG)

              Safety Device

    • Over temp controller
    • Automatic reset function incoming power cut
    • Buzzer on when the set time arrived
    • Electric leakage breaker


Presently, the operation of high temperatures in testing and other assiduity is adding. therefore, we produce this interpretation of the Vacuum Drying Oven. This unit is suitable for samples that need to operate at a temperature as high as 450 °C. This unit can also be used in the case of drying samples without causing remainders, scaling, or oxidation.

Each shelf heating control functions

Digital PID regulator

Stainless brand inner chamber & Door sealing gasket

Sword plate with cream heating carpeted

Leveling caster

Individual Direct Heating Shelves

Stainless brand Pipe & Connector & Valve


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