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Vacuum Drying Oven VDO-08NG Vacuum oven 8liters Pl-Supplies

  • Separated vacuum port and vent port
  • Du-aluminium Shelves(Excellent heat conductivity)
  • Internal observation is possible through View Window
  • Excellent temperature uniformity and accuracy
  • Stainless Steel Internal Chamber with shelves
  • Safety assurance with C.E conformity


  • Vacuum ranges are truly versatile pieces of outfit with operations in laboratory disquisition, engineering, and sedulity. A vacuum drying rotisserie is most constantly used for delicate drying processes, analogous as drying bitty corridors or removing flammable cleansers. The low-pressure terrain also minimizes oxidation during drying. A standard vacuum rotisserie can operate at temperatures as high as 200C to 250C. A rugged, high-quality pressure chamber, gasket seals, and pump are features to look for, as well as accessible, programmable controls and a computer interface. Vacuum drying ranges are also available with specialized features analogous to solvent recovery or residual gas analysis to help with drying. For drying flammable cleansers, look for a safe vacuum-drying rotisserie that has been approved for these types of operations.

    RS- 485 or RS- 232C interface

    Digital PID controller

    Stainless steel & Door sealing gasket

    steel plate with powder heating covered

    Leveling feet caster

    Safety devices


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