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Vacuum Drying Oven-VDO-30NS Vacuum oven max temperature 450ËšC 27liters Pl-Supplies

  • Individual temperature control for each direct heating shelf (Under Patent)
  • Suitable for operating temperatures up to 350ËšC
  • Rapid heating time up to setting temperature.
  • Designed to maintain stable temperature uniformity
  • Safety assurance with C.E conformity




  • Vacuum drying roaster is simple but essential across all diligence including wisdom, biology, biomedical, pharmaceutics, husbandry, food processing, food and oil painting birth, chemistry, metallurgy and etc.A vacuum drying roaster is used for drying, purging, and outgassing samples and material at lower temperatures under vacuum, which results in fast drying without damaging the emulsion of material.

    In ultramodern advanced diligence similar to semiconductor and secondary battery manufacturing and testing, the colorful position of testing under veritably high temperatures is adding. SH Scientific high-temperature vacuum roaster NS series is suitable for sample testing as high as 450 C? (suitable for operating temperatures over to 400C ?) and can also be used for drying samples without causing remainders, scaling, and oxidation.

    We not just offer a vacuum roaster but also offer an ideal turnkey package conforming to COLD TRAP BATH (except SH- VDO- 08NG- PK) and oil painting rotary vacuum pump SH- V series. Our package is right-matched so you don’t overpay for a wrong-matched configuration.

    Each shelf heating control function

    Digital PID controller

    Stainless steel inner chamber & Door sealing gasket

    Steel plate with powder heating coated

    Leveling caster

    Individual Direct Heating Shelves

    Stainless steel Pipe & Connector & Valve

  • Specification
Temp Range
Ambient +5℃ to 400℃ (Ambient +9℉ to 752℉)
Time Range
00.00 to 99HR 59MIN (MIN SEC) Selectable Digital Counter Timer
Vacuum Resistance
0 to 76 cmHg (0 to 0.1MPa)
Heating Type
Shelf Individual Direct Heating
Temp&Time controller
Microprocess PID Membrane Touch Digital controller
Heater Capa
1.6 KW
Dimension Internal
Dimension External
87 kg
Material Internal
Stainless Steel
Material External
Steel Plate With Powder Heating Coated
Material Packing
Silicon Rubber Packing
View Window
Heating Shelves
2 Supplied
Electrical Requirements
13.3 A
120V ,50/60Hz, 1Φ
Cat. No.
Electrical Requirements
7.0 A
230V,50/60Hz, 1Φ
Cat. No.


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