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HSD, HSD-Set Pl-Supplies

HSD Hotplate Stirrer, Digital, 18x18cm, 400ËšC, 1,500rpm, 230V
Hotplate Stirrer, Digital, 18x18cm, 400ËšC, 1,500rpm, 120V
HSD-Set  Package Set, Hotplate Stirrer with External Temp. Probe-set, Digital, 18x18cm, 400ËšC, 1,500rpm, 230V
 Package Set, Hotplate Stirrer with External Temp. Probe-set, Digital, 18x18cm, 400ËšC, 1,500rpm, 120V




Model No. HSD HSD-set 
Material (Body) Ceramic Coated Aluminum
Material (Plate) Powder Coated Aluminum
Plate Size 180x180mm
Stirrer Speed Range 80 to 1,500rpm
Speed Control Resolution 5 rpm
Maximum Stirring Volume (H2O) 20Lit.
Heating Temperature Max. 400℃
Temp Accuracy ±0.3℃
Temp Resolution (Display) 0.1℃
Temp Resolution (Contorl) 0.5℃
Controller Digital Fuzzy Controller with Touch Button & Rotary Switch
Timer 99hr 59min
Display Full Digital LCD Display with Back-Light Function
Heating Output 600 W
Motor Type Brushless Shade Motor
Permissible Temp. & Humidity 5℃~40℃, <80%
 Maximum Magnetic Stirrer Bar  50mm
Safety Devices Over-Temp Protection
 Power Consumption 650W
 Power 1 Phase, AC 120V, 60Hz or AC 230V, 50/60 HZ
Weight  4 kg  4.6 kg
 Accessories                         –  SH-HSTP, SH-HSSR, SH-HSHC


The Digital Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate is a tiny gadget that combines elegant appearance and practicality. Its simple keyboard and LCD display may be used to enter programs and settings. The device includes built-in software that can store variously programmed. The microprocessor-controlled machine operates smoothly and quietly. We may enter the needed speeds into the digital console and see immediate changes on the display. This method allows for speeds of up to 1500 rpm. This variant also includes a heating platform on which to lay the beaker. It has precise heating control and can reach temperatures of up to 200°C.

Digital Magnetic Stirrer is a cutting-edge technology that adds an added level of accuracy to your study and other tasks. A magnetic stirrer is a laboratory instrument that uses a rotating magnetic field to force a stir bar immersed in liquid to spin very fast, churning the liquid. It is a necessary tool in research laboratories.


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